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Drummer Auditioned

We auditioned a drummer tonight, a very fast drummer, as well as a guitarist who once played for Shroud. We've got to go down again with the singers and see how it all works as a whole band. We are officially off hiatus and now is the time to begin the process of building things back together. I can't say enough how much I miss working with Mike though, he was my drummer, it's hard to get over something that dead on. Almost every time we played with him, he could sense our energy as a band and know the grooves that were perfect with the songs. His inutition to Erik's guitar playing was finely tuned. It will be hard for someone else to fill his shoes.

Levi had a great idea, make buttons for Raven to wear to work saying "I'm a singer, I'm looking for a drummer for my band." It would be perfect advertising I think!

We're still writing though, and we produced the final copy of our demo and which if my printer was not currently posessed by a Swedish man, I would print out a bio and do up some cd art to send to get duplicated.

We're currently influenced by Therion, who we saw live at the Palladium just a few days ago. Fucking Therion is amazing, they performed so well live, I thought that I was listening to one of their albums at home. We got to speak with the bassist and lead guitarist after the show. Though it was a disapointingly small crowd, the reception that Therion got from them was fucking intense, I think they were surprised. Eighteen years to get to America! I can't beleive it. Some people think that bands like Nightwish and Therion are new because imported music is so limited in the United States and there is virtually no exposure. I feel bad for many in the metal community, especially the mainstream because there is so much more to metal than meets the eye.
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