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Fucking loving life right now, saw Agalloch and Green Carnation live in Toronto. Light of Day, Day of Darkness was played in its full length glory and we got Tchort's autograph. I got cut trying to grab the guitar that was smashed by the guitarist in Agalloch. The Metal scene is so tight in Toronto and we got invited to the after party with Green Carnation, November's Doom and several other bands that we're amazing. Everyone has to check out Montreal Metal band "Unexpect", sincerely and unexpected mix of Folk, Black Metal, Avante Garde and skilled classical training.

We are still looking for a drummer to fit our style, got a few prospects and maybe some hope...

Goddamn though, I have seen the best year of shows yet. Therion was amazing and totally magnanimous when we saw them in Worcester. I hope they decide to make North America part of their touring area permanantly.

Fucking Metal heads need to start coming together to unite the scene, already Daddy's has discontinued their Musician Meet and Greet night because the music scene in NH is dying...we need to fucking figure out why the underground and alternative scenes are dissappearing, fuck, even the Goth scene in Boston has been lost without Manray. You go to Toronto or Montreal and the scense are alive and kicking and no one gives a shit that they look different, here everyone is practically all the same, no one seems to value differences and if you don't conform you're shunned as a weirdo. America the fucking beautiful, but whose standard of beauty?
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