Eternal Embrace (eternalembrace) wrote,
Eternal Embrace

2/17/06 The end to the Beginning, Alpha et Omega

After our drummer left the band in the Fall for personal reasons, we sought to find a new drummer with similar creative qualities, but in the American market for musicians, a drummer with a European metal style has not come out of the wood work.

In our lull, we attempted to create music with the line up that we had, Michael occasionally filling in to help us flesh out the songs we were still working on. In that time, our epic 20 minute song Snowfall and our new ambient Middle Eastern sounding sonata Ritual were the only songs left for our two singers to put lyrics to. Unfortunately, their level of commitment waned severely and they pursued a life of video gaming as opposed to music writing, lacking in focus or drive to succeed. Regrettably, we had to let them go due to their extreme lack of professionalism and commitment to the cause. These singers wrote incredible lyrics, but either they never saw their own talent or they just didn’t care, it’s unfortunate, because though there was chemistry during rehearsals, their refusal to practice outside of the rehearsal room was a detriment to the band and added to the increasing frustration of the lack of progress we were experiencing with them as the front people of Eternal Embrace.

As we move forward, I reflect on the qualities that we continuously seek to find in musicians, qualities such as integrity, focus, drive, commitment, professionalism, creativity, ingenuity, fortitude, responsibility, self sufficiency, honesty, adaptability. I have only seen this level of musicianship in three people, and these are the guys who have maintained Eternal Embrace as a band for the last two years, Randy my bassist, Erik my guitarist and Michael our former drummer. No one I’ve auditioned, and no one that I’ve fired have been able to meet these standards. It’s pretty sad and it’s very common.

I often wonder how, in Europe, the metal bands that frequently front the cover of Terrorizer Magazine manage to keep it going. Is the quality of musicianship in Europe greater than in the US? Why can’t I find other like minded musicians to join this great endeavor? Why is it so hard to get people to commit to something that could be so powerful and meaningful on so many levels?
Is it because our culture revolts against what they consider darkness? Is it because of the predominant religious focus that seems to pervade and distort every aspect of culture today? Does that prevent people from looking outside the proverbial box and realizing that not all metal music is geared toward the worship of the devil or has to be an expression of vulgarity? Whatever the case, it is getting harder and harder to find the types of people that seemed easily accessible only a few years earlier. Underground has gone underground and pulling from the dirt is getting us no where fast.
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