Eternal Embrace (eternalembrace) wrote,
Eternal Embrace


Today will make the first official band rehearsal sans both drummer and our two singers. We are raw, the core of Eternal Embrace, the music writers. Will this be the end of us? Or the beginning? For the past six years we have been united, in one musical affiliation or another, the chemistry is still strong, the bond as always. Though much has transpired in the past year, nothing has changed in our feelings about the music and our drive to play on and produce something new and remarkable. We have a renewed sense of our position in the music world, our goals and desires have grown and I personally have stepped from an idealistic, new musician to a person who fully understands the ramifications of allowing mere passion to drive me. Erik has continued to improve upon his guitar technique, coming up with new ideas mingled with the old to create a full sound with a driving force mixed between a rolling coil of melodic movements. Randy as our wise old timer to the music scene, traditionally moves forward into the newness and change with a positive outlook, barely saying "I told you so".

We'll see where this next new step will take us, new scenery, new direction, new purpose.
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