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A Rough Week

Work has been hell and I've been depressed. Even though things are moving along I'm suddenly feeling blocked musically. I haven't written a new song in a while and the one I'm working on is coming slow. I'll be excited when we get together to jam next weekend, as we now have a second guitarist and possibly some singers coming to meet us. I really enjoy the energy that can be exchanged between musicians, sometimes when there is an immediate connection it can be thrilling. Some really diverse material can come of it. I remember when I first got together with Wulf, from Shadowlounge, the connection was intense, and it was the first time I ever played keyboards, it was a Korg. I was auditioning to sing with his band, but he put me on keys first to see what we could come up with together. "Caught in the Middle" was our first take. It was simple, but it was also very catchy too. That's a key component, if you can remember a riff and it plays over and over in your brain days after it's created, it's a keeper. From there, Wulf showed me his own keyboard prowess and I came up with "Catacombs" on vocals, it was haunting and though the keyboard lines were to me complex at the time, later, when I learned to really play, they were the most simplistic beauty I had ever heard. Reminiscing about Shadowlounge brings such good memories, I never had a more supportive mentor than in Wulf. Funny...

In Eternal Embrace, I will need to take some of the fresh spirit of starting over and pour it's essence into the music. Open it up to possibility. The sky is the limit.

Now I actually, feel better. Funny how that works.
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