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Please be advised...

The Live Journal for Eternal Embrace is a place for musicians to come together to support the Metal Scene, talk about music, make friends and promote our band. It is not a place to spam or to confront our band members in a passive agressive way. Please do not write to this journal with disrespect or post drama, the purpose for this site is clear, if you have something positive to say or something intellegent to share you may do so. Any other such posts will be promptly deleted and further communications ignored. If you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on, I am certain there are plenty of other Live Journals that will be available to you in that regard. As people we try to be as compassionate as we can, and we certainly don't want fans killing themselves, but you must go elsewhere for support of this kind, we are not a professional help organization who can assist you in your troubles.
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