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When does Potential become Mediocrity?

How long before what is labeled initially as "potential" becomes simply, mediocrity? In relationships, when you're dating a person who has potential, you wait and see what the person has to offer, and whether they measure up to your standards. When someone has potential in a relationship, it's initially a positive statement. I've often heard a woman say that her current beau has potential, stated with a smile and a nod of satisfaction. But when and how long into it do you decide that the relationship has lost its potential edge? As I watch women, it can take years for the decision to be made that the potential they once saw in their mates has faded, with little to no progress having been made. By this time, they may have married, had children or settled into retirement together. But in a musical situation, how long is too long to wait for the right person to come along? When if ever should you settle? Is dropping dead weight in the music industry considered a positive change or a portent to doom? It's as it is in a relationship. Is there anyone else out there for me? Will I always be alone? What if I never find the right person? Is potential ever a good word to use when entering into something? If a person has potential, does it mean they are not living up to the best they can offer, or are they simply just not what you're looking for and you've decided to settle? When does one recognize that no progress has been made and decide to move on? Is being alone better than being with something that isn't working? I would say yes in a relationship, but in a band, when there isn't anything else to choose from, is it worth it to keep working with what you have?
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