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Incrimination before Understanding

So, here it is, the lie. "We're cancelling the show at the Bridge because we're not getting enough breakfast business, therfore, we cannot support our evening patrons with free music."

And now, the revealed truth "We really don't like your music and think that the crowd you'll draw won't be beneficial for the environment we're trying to create here, therefore we're cancelling the show so you don't make us look bad".

If they only knew the amount of money they'd make because of us, they wouldn't incriminate us before understanding the draw we receive. Unfortuntely, and commonly, Metal music is viewed in a very narrow scope.

So folks, we've been relegated to a true Open Mic Night, where they can't refuse us, and can simply make the excuse of "They didn't tell us they were that brutal" or "We didn't know what they sounded like" and get away with not paying us for our time and save their reputation minutely. Little do they realize, what we have online is nothing to what we've become. So perpare yourselves, August 2nd, Eternal Embrace will blow out the windows of the Bridge Cafe, Metal Night at the Bridge or not.

Be there.
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