Incrimination before Understanding

So, here it is, the lie. "We're cancelling the show at the Bridge because we're not getting enough breakfast business, therfore, we cannot support our evening patrons with free music."

And now, the revealed truth "We really don't like your music and think that the crowd you'll draw won't be beneficial for the environment we're trying to create here, therefore we're cancelling the show so you don't make us look bad".

If they only knew the amount of money they'd make because of us, they wouldn't incriminate us before understanding the draw we receive. Unfortuntely, and commonly, Metal music is viewed in a very narrow scope.

So folks, we've been relegated to a true Open Mic Night, where they can't refuse us, and can simply make the excuse of "They didn't tell us they were that brutal" or "We didn't know what they sounded like" and get away with not paying us for our time and save their reputation minutely. Little do they realize, what we have online is nothing to what we've become. So perpare yourselves, August 2nd, Eternal Embrace will blow out the windows of the Bridge Cafe, Metal Night at the Bridge or not.

Be there.
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When it rains it pours

I feel like I'm living a split life. On one side, it's fucking chaos and megalithic sadness, on the other, windows of opportunity are opening everywhere. The band is flourishing right now, the musicians are sinking up with chemistry. The singers are getting excited and are making more of an effort to become part of the whole. We're getting noticed by many people and shows are being offered left and right. Despite my frustration with not being able to get the band to become an entity beyond your typical six piece, what we have works and is starting to sound phenomenal. All the people who keep calling saying they want to be in the band and then flaking out on us, can fucking bite me, because they will never know the heights to which we will attain.

Shows up and coming are:

August 9th at The Bridge Cafe on Elm Street in Manchester, Doors open at 6:30pm, All Ages.

August 16th potential show date for Dover Tattoo Convention Battle of the Bands, more to be announced.

October offerings from Anders of the Sky Bar in Somerville, MA.

November 11th, Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Concert, more to be announced.

Keep posted my friends.
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No one can be trusted.

I am getting fucking paranoid. I don't know who to trust anymore. I can't even trust the person who I thought was my best friend. My countless ads for Vocalists have yeilded shits who won't bother showing up even after they've told me numerous times that they will make it. I'm so tired of inconsistant, flakey, inconsiderate, disrespectful people. Who do they think they are, coming in and raising hopes and expectations only to dash them to the floor? Do they not understand that making music is a passion, an art, a lifestyle? If music is such a miniscule part of their existance, why do they bother at all? Where are the singers, the true people who use their voices as an instrument, and feel confident enough to make themselves heard and felt and seen? It seems to be consistant throughout humanity these days, that it's okay to be wishy washy, to lie, to falsify, to inflate, to pretend you're someone you aren't. I'm very angry right now and haven't been hiding it. We have the opportunity to play six different shows and we can't even jump on board with a ready set because of our slowed progress. I understand life factors into it, I make my allowances. I just want to know. How come, even with our busy schedules, Erik, Randy and I can always come through and others never seem to be on that same level? Why can't we find people who want what we want? This would never happen in Europe. I know it.

When does Potential become Mediocrity?

How long before what is labeled initially as "potential" becomes simply, mediocrity? In relationships, when you're dating a person who has potential, you wait and see what the person has to offer, and whether they measure up to your standards. When someone has potential in a relationship, it's initially a positive statement. I've often heard a woman say that her current beau has potential, stated with a smile and a nod of satisfaction. But when and how long into it do you decide that the relationship has lost its potential edge? As I watch women, it can take years for the decision to be made that the potential they once saw in their mates has faded, with little to no progress having been made. By this time, they may have married, had children or settled into retirement together. But in a musical situation, how long is too long to wait for the right person to come along? When if ever should you settle? Is dropping dead weight in the music industry considered a positive change or a portent to doom? It's as it is in a relationship. Is there anyone else out there for me? Will I always be alone? What if I never find the right person? Is potential ever a good word to use when entering into something? If a person has potential, does it mean they are not living up to the best they can offer, or are they simply just not what you're looking for and you've decided to settle? When does one recognize that no progress has been made and decide to move on? Is being alone better than being with something that isn't working? I would say yes in a relationship, but in a band, when there isn't anything else to choose from, is it worth it to keep working with what you have?
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(no subject)

Erik and I are in the process of auditioning for another band called The Breaking. They were in need of a keyboardist with influences similar to my own and since Eternal Embrace is at a lull, we thought we'd go check them out. When they found out Erik was a guitarist, they asked to see what he could do. The guys are really nice and we all got along well, so Monday, we're going to go for an actual audition with the entire band and see how it goes. I'm very curious to see how another band operates, as well as possibly have a chance to improve my skills by doing music that is different from my own.

I'm a little frustrated right now and need to vent.

I feel like no one currently in Eternal Embrace, save for myself and Erik see the vision. I feel like everyone is just there because it's a band and it's good music. That isn't what I am looking for. I want people with a passion for the dream that we have for Eternal Embrace becoming something theatrical, combining world instruments and symphonic sounds to create a visual entity like nothing anyone has ever seen before. It's unfortunate that to date, the only other people who have lived this vision with me, are now no longer friends of ours and have moved on to NY, Raven and Levi, our former singers.

I have my tenticles in every possible direction looking for musicians and vocalists, six ads up on the web, a few in our local music stores. Erik has found his own niche in promotions, and he's very good at it. I think all of Londonderry know who we are and our website has gotten several hundred hits. So I have to wonder what gives.

I honestly do think it has alot to do with this country. Not just Bush, but everyone in it and the mentality that goes along with being American. Even the guys in The Breaking agree. They are the first people we found that come close to being passionate about their music and play in the European metal style.

If I don't see some passion within my own musicians soon, I'm going to have to change the direction of how I manage them. So far, I've kind of just let them feel their way through and come up with their own stuff, but I may have to begin controlling the environment quite a bit more if I don't start getting what Eternal Embrace deserves.
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Serious Musicians & Vocalists Wanted

Do you long to break the mold of the current music scene? Challenge yourself to something creative and unique? Come check out Eternal Embrace. Our music is a bit different from what you're used to hearing on the radio. Eternal Embrace is more like a theater group performing music, but trust me, we're not prog. rock.

We take the best of European Metal, Black Metal and Gothic Rock and shake things up a bit by adding world instrument sounds such as sitar, violin, flute, sax, tribal drum beats, and more.

We are seeking dedicated, creative people who love music to join our troupe. Current openings are for male and female vocalists. If you can sing Alto, Saprano, Operatic, Bass, or Tenor, Harsh and Clean or Experimental, we want you to come down and check out the band, see if you think you can add something to it.

We have our own rehearsal space in Manchester, Nh and we have already played one Boston venue this past year and we were a big hit.

To listen to MP3s, go to Write to Eleanor at if you would like to come by the studio and check us out.

Please be advised...

The Live Journal for Eternal Embrace is a place for musicians to come together to support the Metal Scene, talk about music, make friends and promote our band. It is not a place to spam or to confront our band members in a passive agressive way. Please do not write to this journal with disrespect or post drama, the purpose for this site is clear, if you have something positive to say or something intellegent to share you may do so. Any other such posts will be promptly deleted and further communications ignored. If you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on, I am certain there are plenty of other Live Journals that will be available to you in that regard. As people we try to be as compassionate as we can, and we certainly don't want fans killing themselves, but you must go elsewhere for support of this kind, we are not a professional help organization who can assist you in your troubles.
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A Rough Week

Work has been hell and I've been depressed. Even though things are moving along I'm suddenly feeling blocked musically. I haven't written a new song in a while and the one I'm working on is coming slow. I'll be excited when we get together to jam next weekend, as we now have a second guitarist and possibly some singers coming to meet us. I really enjoy the energy that can be exchanged between musicians, sometimes when there is an immediate connection it can be thrilling. Some really diverse material can come of it. I remember when I first got together with Wulf, from Shadowlounge, the connection was intense, and it was the first time I ever played keyboards, it was a Korg. I was auditioning to sing with his band, but he put me on keys first to see what we could come up with together. "Caught in the Middle" was our first take. It was simple, but it was also very catchy too. That's a key component, if you can remember a riff and it plays over and over in your brain days after it's created, it's a keeper. From there, Wulf showed me his own keyboard prowess and I came up with "Catacombs" on vocals, it was haunting and though the keyboard lines were to me complex at the time, later, when I learned to really play, they were the most simplistic beauty I had ever heard. Reminiscing about Shadowlounge brings such good memories, I never had a more supportive mentor than in Wulf. Funny...

In Eternal Embrace, I will need to take some of the fresh spirit of starting over and pour it's essence into the music. Open it up to possibility. The sky is the limit.

Now I actually, feel better. Funny how that works.
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