Eternal Embrace (eternalembrace) wrote,
Eternal Embrace

No one can be trusted.

I am getting fucking paranoid. I don't know who to trust anymore. I can't even trust the person who I thought was my best friend. My countless ads for Vocalists have yeilded shits who won't bother showing up even after they've told me numerous times that they will make it. I'm so tired of inconsistant, flakey, inconsiderate, disrespectful people. Who do they think they are, coming in and raising hopes and expectations only to dash them to the floor? Do they not understand that making music is a passion, an art, a lifestyle? If music is such a miniscule part of their existance, why do they bother at all? Where are the singers, the true people who use their voices as an instrument, and feel confident enough to make themselves heard and felt and seen? It seems to be consistant throughout humanity these days, that it's okay to be wishy washy, to lie, to falsify, to inflate, to pretend you're someone you aren't. I'm very angry right now and haven't been hiding it. We have the opportunity to play six different shows and we can't even jump on board with a ready set because of our slowed progress. I understand life factors into it, I make my allowances. I just want to know. How come, even with our busy schedules, Erik, Randy and I can always come through and others never seem to be on that same level? Why can't we find people who want what we want? This would never happen in Europe. I know it.
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