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Eternal Embrace

Forest of Stone

Welcome to the Eternal Embrace, where darkness swallows and rhythms roll, the swerve of the undercurrent, where music unfolds. With breath and with fire, a dance of sound, music unearthed from underground. The pulsing of color, the beat of a drum, voices that mingle have begun. Slow beats spill into song, a drone from the keyboard strings you along, matching the groove, guitar starts to wail, bass picks up low tones in the exhale. Ancient and soulful, drunk on voodoo and nephilim, powerful and beautiful, a choir of mistfits.

This best describes our band as well as can be said without hearing our music first hand. We try to draw influence from a variety of different genres and sub-genres of music. Much of what we have written in the past year has been geared toward the metal genre, but cannot directly be linked to one stereotype. Some would say there are death metal or black metal influences, others will point out that there is a degree of folk metal to our music. We have added sounds that could be considered gothic, as well as peices that may have jazz like qualities. World sounds also come into play, in many of the beats one might hear a tribal sound, there are alot of dynamic rolls and fills throughout each song. A digeredoo is used as background in one part of our song Eulogy, whereas sitar is used in Ritual. As complex as this may seem for musicians who have not had any formal training, the way our group has come together and has been able to produce intricate ideas and form them into quality compositions is altogether unique.

Following the production of our first demo, Forest of Stone, our drummer decided that it was time for him to move on. We took a sebatacle and regrouped, still relying on the dynamics and motivation of the remaining members. Without a drummer we can still think and create but it has been impossible to function. We've been auditioning, but have been let down by the lull in the music scene and commitment level of musicians. It is our sincere hope to find a creative and dedicated percussionist before April. We have the opportunity to perform for the first time in the New England Goth, Punk, Metal Fest and it would be a great opportunity for us. Another goal is to put our CD out.

Forest of Stone will soon be available for purchase. As soon as we are able to begin performing again, we will be adding other musicians to the band, we will invite anyone with a sincere and creative spirit to come forth with any native instrument, violins, harps, cellos, saxaphone, bells, other drums, or unique sounds, to come in to help us create a visual entity through this band. Dancers will also be the future of Eternal Embrace. Belly dance, exotic Middle Eastern dance, African dance, Avante Garde and Modern dance, all will be a part of this band. Additional singers could also be worked in, creating a fullness, a theatric masterpiece, a haunting orchestra. With nearly endless possibilities, a wellspring of ideas, with an open mind, who wouldn't want to join us?